larry speaks small

The goal

I've been teaching painting, Voice finding and creative thinking for almost 30 years, first college level and now workshops. I came to realize that no one (not very few, no one) understood the principles of creative and critical thinking. It's not taught in the majority of our schools because it's not deemed important enough. Very short-sighted.

Great civilizations, governments, commerce, corporations, art, and inventions are built on innovation.

Though I am an artist and I teach creative thinking skills to artists, it has become my mission to disseminate and encourage these easy to learn principles through my book, Fishing for elephants, here on this site and in workshop settings.

If you change the way you think, you can change the world.

The back story

These principles were not given to me at any time in my education. I only wish I could have been handed this information at a younger age, which is really why I wrote this book. What informed the book and this site was a life in the creative realm; graphic design, art direction, illustration, fine art and now writing, lived with curiosity, observation and application.

The principles here and in the book were divined from a life of doing.


Meet the Team

Okay, There's no team. But, these guys came with the template and I like them, so, instead, they will be success avatars, symbols of everyday creative superpowers based on real people I know. These stories are 100% true.

Regan McCook

Greeting card mogul


Regan (not her real name) was a quiet, unassuming local illustrator looking for a direction. Her work had a simple, charming Americana flair which she along with her husband turned into a multi-million dollar company with 75 employees. All in less than 5 years.

Eric Teagan

Design god

Eric (also not his real name) is to my mind one of the very best graphic designers in the country. We cut our teeth in the design realm together in the almost metropolitan city of Orlando, Florida. When the advertising and design industry lost steam, he kept at it. Never wavering in his standards of design. His love for music led him down a side path of making hand-pulled silkscreen posters for indy bands and big bands alike. His work is greatly sought after today.

Timothy Barrett


Much taller than he appears here, Timothy (again not his name or face) moved from LA to Orlando an already successful commercial photographer... God knows why. He eventually got tired of our slow-paced microcosm and disappeared completely for two years. Rumor was that he chucked everything and moved to Italy to study sculpture. Gutsy (and true). Two years later, I'm flipping through a copy of ArtNews, and there he is, full-page ad with one of his sculptures plus an article on his new show in a big New York gallery. He changed his name, his persona, his line of work and became an instant success. That takes crazy faith and courage. Maybe some luck.

The next move

If you are ready to get a copy of the book, click the mustard orange button to the right. If you are interested in one of my classes or giving a talk to your group, email me here.