The response to the content, ideas and exercises of this book has been overwhelming, here are just a few:

This is a must-read for every artist. No matter how long you have been creating; this book is invaluable. Every page cause you to think… to remember… to dig deep. This is the best art book I have ever read!

Marcy Gray

Every person in a creative industry will benefit from reading this book. Larry puts into words countless ways to find inspiration, confidence, and intention within oneself and the world around them for attaining successful creative processes. A wonderful, funny, insightful, informative book.

Kim O’Brien

I’ve been digging into Larry Moore’s book and everyone should read it! It’s for anyone, really, whoever thought, wished, or wondered if they had any creativity or authenticity in their lives (or work). Bravo my friend!!! I can’t stop reading.

Lori Putnam

Larry Moore is not your typical artist deciding to write a typical book. He is anything but that. Go online and view his work. You will see the breadth of his abilities. How does he do it? By taking his own medicine.

Johanne Mangi

A light-hearted title for a highly meaningful book. Witty, inspired, straight from the heart. Even non-artists could benefit from this book, a look at life through a different lens, especially what holds us back from stretching in new directions, along with what to do about that. Larry Moore is the definition of a person who has overcome the obstacles that trip us all up, and it shows in his work! Definitely a must read.

Ernest H

Funny, insightful and a great read! Even if you don’t consider yourself “creative”, you’ll get so much out of it!!!

Robin Wellner

A totally artist-user-friendly read.   Chuck W

If you are looking to get out of a deep artistic rut, Fishing for elephants is the rope you are looking for.

Kevin Courter

Fishing for Elephants will be one of the most sacred works on the art of divergent thinking, helping rewire the brain — as to not crush the inner spirit.

Scott Christensen