What do you bring to the table?

A big chunk of creativity is having a conversation with yourself: identifying your strengths, bolstering your weaknesses, checking your assumptions.

Learn the tools of creativity

It's a skill set just like anything else. There are tools and exercises to enable the power of connectivity. Whether you are an artist, architect, school teacher, songwriter or stay at home parent. Everyone can use these skills to become local innovators.

Put it into action

Want to find your greatest talent? Your purpose? Make a painting that is authentic to you, write a poem, design a house, make a difference? There are no apps that will do it for you. You have to take action. Learn to develop a plan, solve a problem, refine your ideas, accomplish the things that matter. Tic-tock.

The power of thought

What separates one artist, one writer, one movement from the next? Thought and action. Every creative explorer has a distinctive driver that is comprised of a thought system and process that is unique to him or her. It's what we are drawn to in the great songwriters, painters, and leaders of pretty much anything.

We aren't trained in school and society to be thought leaders and visionaries. Encouraged, yes, but rarely are we given the skill set to enable our unique gifts. And they are actually pretty simple skills to learn. I only wish someone had given me this information in high school. Hence the purpose behind this effort.


Divergent thinking. It ain't rocket science.

The heart of this book is a simple thing called divergent thinking, which means to explore a whole lot of ideas rather than the most obvious things that come to mind or what we think we are supposed to come up with. Linus Pauling said, "If you want to have a good idea, first you have to have a lot of ideas." That pretty much sums it up.

It's an easy technique to learn.

Two people and a Mac

They have a Mac, so clearly they are savvy thinkers. More than likely they are reading the ebook version of F4E (also available at Amazon.com. It's every bit as good as the print version plus it's backlit. You can make notes, change the color and the font size, there are external and internal links and you can do that zoom thing with your fingers to look at the brilliant art and graphics. Perfect for creative parties.

Let's do this

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